Sabina Timmermans


Through my work I explore the human relationship with what we call 'nature'. This relationship I find ambiguous: on the one hand we are inextricably interconnected with the environment we find ourselves in, on the other hand I live in a Western society where a dualistic view on human versus nature still prevails. I regard my work as a way of contemplating this relationship to gain a better understanding of how I am personally connected with the natural world around me: how different kinds of landscapes and in particular plant forms and rocks shape my thoughts, feelings and moral; my 'being' as a human.

My artistic practice involves drawing, sculpture, painting and exploring landscapes and gardens. The works are usually a representation of elements of these landscapes and gardens. Throughout history representations of nature in cultural traditions such as art, science and spirituality have had much influence on our perception and understanding of nature. This makes 'nature' a complex concept that I find worth examining in a personal and intuitive way.


Alles heeft een zielwritten by Esther van Rosmalen for Witte Rook (nl)
Bodies for possible landscapeswritten by Linda Köke for the publication of Coeur the Parisienne at De Cacaofabriek 
The trees are inviting the windwritten by Alex de Vries for mister motley (nl)
Publication The trees are inviting the wind Interviews with all participating artists of the exhibition
Interview by Zippora Elders for publication The trees are inviting the wind (nl)
Romanticism in the Antropocene, BE magazine #23 (Künstlerhaus Bethanien), written by Valeria Schulte-Fischedick
Timmermans palmt de natuur in, article Brabants Dagblad by Gerrit van den Hoven 
Monstera Deliciosa, Rebecca Nelemans

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