12 October 2022

Sculpture Will en Jan van Hoof Kunstprijs Noord-Brabant, Het Noordbrabants Museum

Currently I'm working on a sculpture commissioned by Het NoordBrabants Museum for the Will en Jan van Hoof Kunstprijs Noord-Brabant. This is the first time I made a sculpture in bronze. Under the wonderful guidance of Rino Sijen at Make Eindhoven I've learned so much about the proces and the material. In the next weeks I will be finishing the work.

I'm grateful to Het NoordBrabants Museum for this commission. The sculpture is made in edition and is awarded annually to an accomplished artist from Noord-Brabant. This year's laureate is Jenny Imker, congratulations Jenny! She will receive the price on December 21.

4 May 2022

Saturday afternoon lecture by botanical philosopher Norbert Peeters

Saturday May 7, at 15.00h and 16.30h, Botanical Philosopher Norbert Peeters will give two mini-lectures about tree roots in the exhibition 'Caressing and Colliding - Sharing the Land' 

As a botanical philosopher, Norbert Peeters is concerned with the special world of plants. Following Darwin's view of the plant kingdom, he proposes a different way of looking at and describing plants. Plants are not passive creatures, but can perceive, experience and cooperate with each other just like humans and animals. In his books he introduces us to the life of plants and the philosophy of nature.

After the lectures there is the opportunity to have a conversation with Norbert and me. (lectures are in Dutch)

4 May 2022

Alles heeft een ziel – interview Witte Rook

"Magisch. Dat ene woord vat de gehele residency samen van Sabina Timmermans op het landgoed De Moeren. Ze is graag bij de bomen en de natuur. Om te wonen, te wandelen, te tekenen, te fotograferen, te bestuderen en om in te klimmen. Om bedekt te worden door de geur van hars in een gevoel van liefde en verbondenheid. Zo leert ze de boom pas echt kennen. Bomen als lichamen in een landschap. Bomen als een landschap waar ze toch altijd weer de mens tegenkomt."

During my artist-in-residence at Van Gogh Air in the Vlaamse Schuur I spoke with Ester van Rosmalen from Witte Rook about trees, bodies and landscapes. You can read the whole interview at witterook.nu (interview is in Dutch)

4 September 2021

Artist in Residence Vlaamse schuur, Vincent Van GoghHuis

This week my artist-in-residence at Vincent Van GoghHuis in Zundert started. In September and October I'm staying in de Vlaamse Schuur at Landgoed De Moeren. During this period I will explore the landscape in this area. Structures that are the result of past 'encounters' between humans and other organisms that are part of the landscape are the starting point for a new series of work.

You can follow the process on instagram, towards the end of the residency there will be an open studio where everybody is welcome to come and can see the result.

4 July 2021

Interview Fonds Kwadraat

On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, I was interviewed by Fonds Kwadraat. You can read this interview on their website. My artist-in-residence at Sundaymorning@ekwc was made possible by a loan from Fonds Kwadraat. I talk about the experience of the residency, how it influenced my work, what I'm working on right now and what I'm up to in the near future. (Interview is in Dutch)

15 May 2021

Interview Rararadio

Last Thursday (13-05) Pauline Roelants from United Cowboys invited me to her show Sound & Vision at Rararadio in Eindhoven. We talked about my art practice, the human relationship with nature, the sculptures 'Bodies for possible landscapes' I made at Sundaymorning@ekwc and my upcoming artist-in-residence at Vincent Van Goghhuis in Zundert.
You can listen to the episode here. Besides our conversation in the second half hour, you can also enjoy a conversation with choreographer Annemijn Rijk. And there are some lovely songs. Thanks Pauline! 💚

11 March 2021

Happy futures! jan van hoof galerie, 12.03 – 05.04

After a period of closed doors due to the covid -19 pandemic, gallery jan van hoof opens this Friday with the groupshow Happy futures! 7 artists show in a personal way how they have experienced the past year.
My clay series 'Bodies for possible landscapes' and a series of new drawings will be shown.

Visit by appointment only. (denbosch@janvanhoofgalerie.nl)

25 August 2020

12.09 & 13.09 2020: Test Case XXII Sundaymorning@ekwc

On September 12 & 13 from 11.00 until 17.00 sundaymorning@ekwc opens it's door to the public. Reserve your timeslot here.

From April 23 until July 15 2020, I was an artist-in-residence at sundaymorning@ekwc. The results from this residency I will present during the Test Case XXII.

8 August 2020

BENEFIT FOR BRABANT 08.08 – 30. 08 2020 at PARK – Platform for visual arts


News article Brabants Dagblad, Gerrit van den Hoven 06.08.2020

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