photos: Ilya Rabinovich

The trees are inviting the wind

The trees are inviting the wind is an exhibition I realised as a guest curator at Willem Twee Kunstruimte Den Bosch from August 24 until October 6 2019.

The group show is about our human relationship towards nature. Nature is a complex concept; there is no clear answer to the question what nature actually is. Our image of nature is formed by our personal experiences with the landscape around us as well as existing views on nature within (past) societies. The exhibition is a poetic and intuitive reflection on how we perceive, give meaning to and represent nature.

participating artists:
Nan Groot Antink
Annabelle Binnerts
Roos Holleman
Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky
Ruchama Noorda
Juuso Noronkoski
Sabina Timmermans

This exhibition was supported by Mondriaan Fund.

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