This series is made for a crowdfunding project to finance my upcoming artist-in-residence at sundaymorning@ekwc (April 23 - July 15 2020).

On the physiognomy of plants

On the physiognomy of plants is a series of twenty drawings that depict plants that I've encountered in different landscapes in the world and is inspired by the ideas of scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt. In his 1807 'Essay on the geography of plants' he writes about the characteristics of plants and how they depend on their geographical and climatological circumstances. He is fascinated by how the variety of plant forms in the world can stir our soul and imagination in various ways.

You can purchase a drawing for the special price of € 140,00. That includes a set of postcards of all 20 drawings. The size of the drawings are 14,8 x 21 cm (A5). By purchasing a drawing you are helping me with financing the residency at sundaymorning@ekwc from 23 April / 15 July 2020.